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TELIA represents a paradigm shift in product handling, elevating storage density, throughput and productivity to unprecedented levels while steadfastly upholding safety standards.

By leveraging cutting-edge automation, it optimizes vertical space, maximizing storage capacity without compromising efficiency. This not only enhances operational output but also cultivates an environment where safety is paramount. Through meticulous monitoring and innovative design, TELIA ensures that every task is executed with precision and every workspace is safeguarded, empowering operators to work confidently and efficiently.

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TELIA handheld, a powerful solution to manage your storage space. Whether it’s for a steel mill, metal service center, port or transload, TELIA handheld will manage your inventory by providing operator instructions and tracking inventory positions automatically.

Utilizing TELIA's patented space optimization algorithms, TELIA handheld instructs operators where to place inventory for optimal storage and safety.  With minimal implementation, TELIA handheld will improve velocity through your facility and be up and running within 6 weeks.


A well informed facility is a more efficient operation. With both the HMI and Dashboard, you get up-to-the-minute data on everything happening under your roof.

With a robust reporting suite, you’ll never have to wonder when you can see for yourself, all automatically compiled by TELIA. This depth and breadth of information you can gain an incredibly easy way to propel your facility to the next level, even after TELIA’s implementation.

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Greenfield Design

Embarking on your project from square one allows us to meticulously optimize your facility from the ground up, resulting in a truly exceptional and productive environment.

With our comprehensive approach, spanning layout design to equipment selection, we guarantee a tailored facility that not only maximizes efficiency but also establishes unprecedented productivity benchmarks right from the start while saving valuable square footage. Our expertise ensures a solution that reshapes your operations and sets the stage for enduring success.

Brownfield Design

Creating something fresh and exciting with pre-existing infrastructure is a challenge we’re always ready for.

TELIA’s malleable nature makes it a solution to every problem, allowing every facility to become one that’s powered by TELIA. We routinely find ourselves in facilities with untapped potential that need to recycle existing infrastructure. Implementing TELIA in your facility is a surefire way to get the most out of your operation as it exists.

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new storage
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Flow Analysis

We’re all chasing efficiency goals that wow, throughput numbers that jump off the page and a facility that's the envy of the industry.

It’s a tall task,but one that becomes achievable with a consultation. Our team of skilled engineers and systems managers will work closely with you, outfitting your facility with sensors to track product flow and equipment usage. We dive deep into your facility’s workflow data, providing insights that give you an intimate understanding of your operations. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll have the tools to make the productivity gains you’ve been striving for.

Digital Twin

As a part of our consulting services, we visualize your facility before construction with Digital Twin - our innovative solution providing you with a fully realized virtual model of your optimized facility.

This allows you to see the shape and workflow of your operation, allowing for a collaborative process that can work out any kinks, bottlenecks or clear up any questions. With Digital Twin, clients can explore their future facility in detail, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and optimized design before a single brick is laid or change is made.

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Our comprehensive Implementation service goes beyond conceptualization, guiding customers through every phase of installation, construction, and facility optimization.

From project inception to completion, our dedicated team ensures a seamless journey, offering expertise and support at every turn. We prioritize a hands-on approach, collaborating closely with clients to bring their vision to life. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, our Implementation service ensures that your facility not only meets but exceeds expectations throughout every stage of development.

Customer Success

When you power your facility with TELIA, there’s a lot to learn, and we’ll be there to help you and your employees get the most out of our platform.

Through customized training modules, we ensure a smooth learning curve, enhancing proficiency and productivity. Our dedicated 24/7 hotline stands as a pillar of support, swiftly addressing any queries or challenges that may arise. With a commitment to client satisfaction, we prioritize continuous improvement and tailored assistance, fostering a collaborative environment for optimal utilization of our software.

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Evolving Your Experience

Our commitment to excellence is something all of our partners see when they power their facility with TELIA. By seamlessly integrating our latest features, we aim to provide your operation with an advanced and optimized experience.

Our innovation-driven approach ensures that we not only meet but exceed our user’s expectations. We’ve made our name on embracing change and staying at the forefront of technological possibilities, and passing that along to our users to deliver a superior experience. It’s our closely held belief that innovation is a continuous journey that inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and elevating our customer’s path to success.

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