Milestone Moments

For as long as we've been able to make meaningful contributions to facilities around the world, we've been pushing the boundaries of what's possible. In dozens of operations powered by CareGo and TELIA, products of all different types have been moved safely and efficiently. We did it by listening and learning to the needs of our incredible partners while continuing to improve our adaptive platform. Take a look at some examples of how CareGo and TELIA can improve your current operation. While technically we haven't moved a mountain, we're getting closer everyday.


Tons of product moved


Automated crane moves


Years of experience across dozens of projects

Coating Line, Steel Mill

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Coating Line, Steel Mill

Increased Coil Storage by 350% eliminating the need for overflow outdoor storage.


Decreased in product damage reduction by utilizing a specialized grab and speed curves.


Facility was able to maintain Product, Shipping and Processing requirements though coils were now stacked 2-High.


With a custom installation of a flipper-foot grab and directly reeved sheave nest, we gained even more vertical space.


TELIA's able to adapt to any type of bunking system, allowing your facility to recycle familiar equipment.

Condense & Grow

This Steel Mill had big plans and were looking to build overflow storage before they gave us a call. We saw the potential they had to fit everything under one roof and got to work. We revamped their facility and helped them create a safer, more efficient operation that eliminated their need for overflow storage.

Steel Service Center

Steel Service Center 1
Steel Service Center 2
Steel Service Center 3

Increase in tonnage stored across all products leading to massive savings in this facility’s future plans.

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Consolidated 2 facilities into their primary location, greatly reducing operation, labour, and logistic costs in the process.


Aided in the reallocation of this company’s workforce and improved workplace efficiency to successfully combat the labor market.


Automated vertical stacking using interlocking cassettes created massive storage gains.


We automated the feed to splitting and packaging lines and drastically improved throughput.

Elevated Success

Sometimes when you can’t get around a problem, it helps to go over it! That’s exactly what we did in this facility; by simply using the vertical space we were able to increase their storage an incredible amount and consolidate two whole facilities down to one streamlined powerhouse.

Steel Pipe and Tube Mill

Steel Pipe and Tube Mill 1
Steel Pipe and Tube Mill 2
Steel Pipe and Tube Mill 3

Increase in total product capacity by shrinking the size of operator utilized laneways.


We eliminated product damage caused by traditional slings and chains by incorporating a magnetic lift.


Through integrating an automated solution, the mill was able to maintain efficiency and output.


Bundles of tube were brought forward and staged with precise timing, vastly improving truck turnaround time.


At capacity, this facility could hold over 12,000 bundles of tube, and TELIA kept track of every single one.

Optimize & Synchronize

Our ultimate goal in this facility was to create a more optimized workflow. A tall task when dealing with twenty-foot tall cradles housing a dozen or so bundles. We came in and helped create digging and staging zones that allowed this facility to shine, increasing their truck turnaround time tremendously.

3PL Facility

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This was more than a proof of concept to us, it was the embodiment of everything we’re trying to be - the innovators.

4.3 Million

Tons of annual throughput, all automated, all synchronized, all with only 1 operator.


Next generation energy conservation and innovative facility management won us a LEED certification.


Automated transfer cars to create seamless movement of product from bay to bay to achieve a more cohesive workflow.


Automated cranes that created a completely optimized environment with extremely little human interaction.


Due to the automated nature of this facility, it only required 1 operator to run it at full power.

Made From Scratch

This facility is near and dear to our CareGo hearts, as it’s the first facility we ever built as a company. Years ago we had envisioned a sophisticated and optimized environment that it only took one person to run. We achieved that goal, and more.

Toll Processor

Toll Processor
Toll Processor
Toll Processor

Created enough space through condensing product that we eliminated the need for an expansion.


By utilizing vertical space and more efficiency organizing product types, three bays became two.


This facility was able to keep everything in-house and invest in new avenues.


By stacking coils that alternated 2 and 3 in height, we’re able to more efficiently dig for product and utilize vertical space.


The first time we utilized Fly Ship & Fly receipt, two incredible features of TELIA that simplifies shipping and receiving.


This client needed to use a specialized bunking system, which was no problem at all for TELIA to integrate into.

Doing More, With Less

To meet increasing demand from their local market, this facility was quickly running out of real estate. Wondering whether to expand, to hire out or to innovate. We got to work after that first call and quickly turned their facility’s storage into an optimized masterpiece.

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