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Mission Statement:

We’ve been a company inspired by passion and dreaming of a better way. Led by an attitude of innovation and craftsmanship, we’ve cultivated a history of excellence through these two closely held ideals. There’s been ups and downs but through it all, we’ve never given up on the thought that any big problem can be solved with a bigger solution.


Years ago, we embarked on a journey of innovation and excellence. Read through our company’s rich history, as it unfolds through decades of pioneering, dedication, and transformative achievements.

Picture 1 (1999)

Sketch on a Napkin

For more than a decade back in the 1980s, Demetrius Tsafaridis was steadily learning the steel industry at Dofasco. Holding over a dozen different roles and ascending in the company, Demet was always looking to take things to the next level. While on a trip with a colleague, the topic of steel warehousing came up and a lightbulb went off in Demet’s head. With his level of experience, why not try something new? The pair quickly explored this idea and found it to be a very promising one and soon a resignation letter was tendered and work began bringing Thompson Storage to life.

Picture 2 (2000)

Growing Pains

After a few calls, products were swiftly delivered post-company launch. With minimal help, Demet relied on his brother Chris until obtaining adequate support. Their business addressed an industry issue, requiring quality assistance for success, However, managing proved tougher than anticipated. Nonetheless, Demet tackled the challenge head-on, replacing staff and recruiting new talent to propel growth.

Picture 3(2002)

Steelcare, Transcare, Railcare

After two years of progress, Demet embraced entrepreneurship once more, launching SteelCare, a 150,000 square foot facility offering storage and transloading services. Expanding further, he established RailCare for rail car maintenance and TransCare  with 18 semi-trucks for transportation, evolving SteelCare into a comprehensive logistics firm.

Picture 4 (2003)

Plant 19

With the business stable, Demet looked to push the envelope once again. This time, an opportunity to create a next-generation facility presented itself. The goal was a fully automated facility with an accompanying Gold LEED certification, making for a completely unique and daring undertaking. Being the first to do something is in our DNA, and soon Plant 19 was up and running and blazing the trail for what CareGo would become.

Picture 5 (2004)

Automate, Optimize, Repeat

This is where the story gets really exciting. Demet & Co. continue to disrupt the industry with their innovative nature. Amid Plant 19’s construction, the team was building the software that would power this futuristic facility. Intense coding sessions birthed sophisticated features like real-time inventory tracking and precise automated movements were being added by the day. It’s like if Dr. Frankenstein’s lab was being constructed as the monster was being brought to life. After completion, wrinkles were ironed out and soon, word of Plant 19’s success had international reach.

Picture 6 (2008)

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

In 2008, after starting the automation effort in 2006, SteelCare, RailCare and TransCare merged into CareGo. Despite awe over CareGo’s automated platform and a promising start, the recession hit hard year-end, causing business to dwindle. Facing disaster Demet, the innovator, had to innovate.

Picture 7 (2009)

An Unlikely Hero

RailCare struggled pre-2008 crash but thrived afterward. Meanwhile, a logistics analysis revealed an opportunity: 70% of shipping containers returned empty. Theoretically, steel coils could fit in these containers but pose a risk of derailment and shifting, once again opportunity knocked and Demet answered the door. Developing the Aurora pallet, this allowed steel coils to be safely transported and become a lifeline for the company during a tough time.

Picture 8 (2010)

Back to Business

After a brief pivot to survive the recession, CareGo was back on track and ready to conquer again. Although dormant, Plant 19 was being lauded in the press for it’s futuristic design and got the attention of ArcelorMittal Dofasco, who invited Demet to a gathering of shipping industry executives in the Netherlands. After a tough year, and a change of scenery, another lightbulb went off in Demet’s head, that he could sell the proprietary automation solution to other companies.

Picture 9 (2013)

Cooking with Gas

With a new lease on life, a rebrand was commissioned to amalgamate all of the branches of the company into one “CareGo”. Railcare was sold to help finance the company’s new strategy, and the automation solution was given the name TELIA, which means “perfection” in Greek but to our clients and partners it means “problem solved”. With CareGo in it’s best spot in it’s history, and an incredible product to evolve and an industry ready for the TELIA revolution, all that was left to do now was capitalize on the opportunity, something we’re no stranger to.


Here We Stand

A thriving software company nestled in the metals industry looking to grow our home-grown technology into every space where materials are handled.

We’re a proud and passionate bunch, looking forward to shaping the world we find ourselves in. This dear reader, is where I leave you, but check back soon because something new and exciting is coming up on the horizon primed to innovate.


Years of Innovation


Automated Movements


Automated Facilities

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Research & Development:

As a company that lives and breathes through our innovative ideas, we’re constantly looking for the next big thing.

Over the years, we’ve allocated the necessary resources into finding the next service that’s going to help our clients, and ourselves, grow to new heights. Ever since our outset, we’ve strived to be the creative problem solvers, people that pick the big fight and come out stronger because of it. With five patents, more pending, and even more in production, we’re far from finishing blazing a trail in this industry and the next ones we find ourselves in.


We’ve always looked to make positive change in our industry and outside of it. One cause near and dear to us is the Eva Rothwell Center in Hamilton, Ontario; which helps families get the resources they need to be self-sufficient.

Our involvement has centered around education and health for the kids and families that count on the center’s support. We’ve restored an old train’s dining car and turned it into a reading sanctuary where kids can learn about the world around them. Along with the train, we’ve also revamped a piper airplane where kids can learn what it takes to become a pilot in an immersive environment. In our relationship with the center, we’ve been able to help over 50 kids get to the collegiate level and give them opportunities to pursue their dreams.

We love the work that’s being done at the Eva Rothwell Center and will continue to host fundraisers, food and clothing drives to help those reach their potential. We hope to positively impact many lives in our community for years to come and are always looking to empower the next generation.

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Meet Our Amazing Team

Please meet the CareGo Senior Team!

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Demetrius Tsafaridis Portrait

Demetrius Tsafaridis

President & CEO

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Steve Noble

Steve Noble

Chief Delivery Officer

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Kim Hindle

Kim Hindle

Chief Product Officer

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Kurt Fowler

Kurt Fowler

Chief Commercial Officer

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Nathalie Brassard

Nathalie Brassard

Chief Financial Officer

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Chuck Spirk

Chuck Spirk

Chief Globalization Officer

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