The Path to Resolving Labor and Transportation Shortages

Path to Resolving
Kurt Fowler

As the CareGo commercial team spends time with manufacturers learning about their pain points and develops ways to solve them, we have been hearing a consistent theme. Labor and Transportation are the two most significant issues facing the manufacturing sector. I’m sure that we’re not alone in hearing this sentiment.

The manufacturing community faces the challenge of hiring and retaining qualified talent while grappling with the challenge of getting products to their customers.   In a sense, it is the same challenge in transportation.  Just as manufacturers struggle to find and retain talent, so do transportation companies. This challenge then ripples thru the supply chain ending up in the manufacturer’s logistics operation.

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) recently published data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in their Monday Economic Report, authored by Chad Moutray, with the caption “Job openings in the U.S. economy now exceed the number of people looking for work – the sign of a very tight labor market.

In the latest survey of NAM membership, “manufacturers cited the inability to attract and retain talent as their top concern.”  Couple this with another report by the BLS that manufacturing labor productivity declined 1.2 percent in Q1 2018.  NAM commented further on this, “sluggish productivity growth continues to be one of the larger frustrations in the U.S. economy in the aftermath of the Great Recession.”

CareGo through its flagship product TELIA provides automation and space optimization to the manufacturing community for a variety of metal products including – coil, sheet, slab, plate, pipe & tube.   The engineering team has accumulated more than a dozen patents for our solutions.

A TELIA equipped facility can hold up to 50% more product, move that product up to 50% faster and requires less human capital than a comparably sized manual facility.”

With a shortage of labor and transportation, it goes without saying that efficient operations are going to receive priority by the limited number of transportation providers.  Do your logistics providers have to wait for long periods of time at your facility?  How much time does it take to unload and load?  Are there factors that you can influence to improve your operations, not just in the creation of your product but in the logistics that take it to your customer?

Learn more about our solutions and allow the CareGo team to maximize the productivity of your labor and your facility.  Our advanced research and development team continue to work with our clients while constantly advancing our products and services to ensure we are offering fast, efficient automation solutions which meet your automation, flow and storage optimization needs.  We have a number of research projects of which advancing truck turnaround times is only one.  If you would like to collaborate with CareGo or learn more about our research labs, as well as university and college collaborations please contact us.

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