Revolutionizing Warehouse Automation: Introducing TELIA for rectangular and palletized products

Revolutionizing Warehouse Automation: Introducing TELIA for rectangular and palletized products.

Burlington, Ontario – In a bold move to redefine warehouse automation, CareGo Tek is proud to unveil a groundbreaking solution set to transform the way businesses handle rectangular and palletized products in their facilities.

Safety First: Safety is paramount in any facility environment, and TELIA delivers on that front. Its real-time safety management system monitors equipment and areas, prioritizing operator and facility safety. By eliminating the need for forklifts, TELIA for rectangular and palletized products significantly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.

Efficiency Redefined: TELIA represents a leap forward in efficiency, offering up to 50% faster product movement compared to traditional methods. Its intelligent workload optimization capabilities dynamically adjust operations, ensuring maximum throughput and minimizing downtime.

Optimization at Its Core: With TELIA's patented space optimization algorithms, elimination of forklift travel lanes, businesses can increase their storage capacity by 30-200%. Overhead access to all stacks minimizes digging for product, increasing warehouse throughput and conformance to FIFO.

Product Integrity Guaranteed: TELIA's precision handling, based on exact product size and weight information, ensures product integrity like never before. With a reduction in product damage by an astounding 99.9%, businesses can rest assured that their inventory remains intact and undamaged.

Autonomous Efficiency: Operating 24/7 without breaks, TELIA is the epitome of autonomous efficiency. By reducing labor costs by 50% and allowing workers to focus on higher-value tasks, TELIA revolutionizes the way warehouses operate.

"CareGo is thrilled to introduce our latest innovation in material handling optimization and automation. This new innovation streamlines the entire process from raw materials to finished goods, setting a new benchmark for the industry while ensuring the highest standards of safety and reliability." Said Kurt Fowler, Chief Commercial Officer; CareGo.

For more information about TELIA for rectangular and palletized products and how it can revolutionize your facility operations, please contact CareGo Tek at

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