Press Release: CareGo reaches $1/4 million milestone for Eva Rothwell Center Fundraising

Press Release

Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of CareGo

President of CareGo, Demetrius Tsafaridis and the former Chair of the Eva Rothwell Centre never forgot how generous people were to his Mom and Dad as they arrived in Canada from Greece over 70 years ago.

Demetrius and his family have held the annual CareGo Golf tournament with all of their employees, clients, vendors, and friends to help raise funds for the Eva Rothwell Centre.

This year CareGo has just announced they have reached a new milestone by raising a total of a Quarter of a Million dollars the past 15 years, that has helped run programs for Mom’s, Children, Teens and Seniors for a wonderful community within the Inner City of Hamilton.

The Eva Rothwell Centre is located in the Keith community that has been identified as the most challenged communities in all of Hamilton. With this investment they have seen 25 students graduate from College and University and see the positive impact on Health and Wellness.

There is still a ways to go but with this ongoing investment with CareGo and others there is a new Hope for tomorrow.

To learn more about the fantastic work and services available at the Eva Rothwell Center please see

For additional information please contact Linda Gallacher Exec Assistant to Demetrius Tsafaridis.

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