MSCI: Safety and Automation Live Webinar


Today our Chief Commercial Officer, Kurt Fowler, had the pleasure of presenting at a live webinar for the Metal Service Center Institute on a subject which is a the core of the work we do at CareGo, “Safety and Automation”.

The presentation started with a look on how one of the key drivers for automation, namely Safety, has changed in recent months from a focus on injury prevention to that of illness prevention.  Where automation can reduce the operators all working within a limited environment, as well as limit the touch points between personnel.

Given the heightened interest in automation and safety for our employees at this time, the presentation provided the audience with a look at some of the key considerations for Safety when looking into an Automation project within the field we operate in, namely large, heavy, metal materials.  This was divided into 3 main areas:  Safety in Design, Safety in Hardware, and finally Safety in Training.

Safety in Design

Safety in Hardware

Safety in Training

Phased In Approach

Kurt rounded off his presentation by introducing a phased in approach to realizing the potential for automation in your environment.  Phase I offers a guided automation, where the automation system coordinates all activities and provides instructions for the operator, as well as automatically tracks all materials, to deliver improved tracking, line performance, and shipping performance for a quick implementation with immediate ROI.  Phase II would then introduce the automation ensuring that your material handling assets are operating at maximum efficiency, all operators are removed from the environment providing greater storage density, delivering the safety potential through separation of personnel from high density storage areas and moving materials.

Thank You

Thank you to Monique Combs and the MSCI team for inviting CareGo to present and for those of you who participated in the webinar.  The full presentation and filming will be available to MSCI members on line, a link to be provided shortly.To learn more about TELIA and how to provide safe automation at your facility, please contact us.

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