CEO Presents at Metal Service Center Institute Conference


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CareGo Tek. Inc President & CEO Presents at Metal Service Center Institute Conference.

Chandler, Arizona, Tuesday February 20, 2018

CareGo Tek. Inc’s President & CEO and steel industry veteran Demetrius Tsafaridis presented a TOM (Theories on Metals) Talk on the Future of Operational Innovation at the recent Annual MSCI Carbon Conference. His presentation highlighted his revolutionary industry experience, the importance of step change (not just continuous improvement), the disruption of traditional processes and challenging status quo, as well as focusing on all aspects of the business to get a product to the customer.

Demetrius was able to showcase the often overlooked cost savings and productivity gains companies can realize by simply doing a spatial analysis of their facilities; and making a plan to fully optimize the space they have available. In turn, companies can maximize their ability to get products to customers, all while increasing their margins. He stressed that taking advantage of new material handling equipment available, automation opportunities, and utilizing dynamic simulations of your operation can show companies what operational innovations are possible in this exciting industry.

About CareGo Tek. Inc

CareGo develops optimization software and automated material handling systems for steel and aluminum mills, service centers, pipe mills and ports.

Being innovative is the way we do things at CareGo. We challenge traditional thinking about how steel, aluminum, paper and other heavy products can be stored, stacked, staged and moved – and in doing so, we pull costs out of the supply chain.

We are a technology company specializing in the material handling of heavy products such as steel and aluminum. Our patented TELIA automation/optimization technology dramatically changes how these products are stored, stacked, staged, moved, documented and tracked. More product can be stored in less space, loads move in and out more quickly, staff productivity is boosted, product damage is virtually eliminated and a safe, secure workplace is created. Reduced operating costs provide a significant return on investment.

Our roots are in steel warehousing and our future is global supply chain innovation.

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