CareGo Receives Patent for Optimization System

CareGo Receives Patent

One of the key features of CareGo’s TELIA™ optimization and automation system is its ability to organize products in such a way as to minimize the amount of space they occupy.

This reduced footprint means that space previously allocated to storage can be repurposed. Whether that space is used to accommodate a new processing line, reduce the footprint of a green-field or just store more product, the result is the same…improved efficiency.

This month the United States Patent and Trademark Office confirmed the award of a patent for our ground-breaking optimization system. This is the 7th patent CareGo has received in the last 5 years.

CareGo is a Burlington, Ontario based  technology company that challenges traditional thinking about how steel, aluminum, paper and other heavy products can be stored, stacked, staged and moved – and in doing so, pull costs out of the supply chain.

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