CareGo Awarded Patents for "Super" Pallet

CareGo Award

While CareGo is becoming known in the steel industry for its TELIA™ optimization and automation technology our engineers have also been successful in developing some revolutionary devices to facilitate the movement of high density materials (e.g. steel coils) in intermodal containers.

In October of last year, the U.S. Patent Office granted CareGo a patent on its Aurora load equalization pallet. Aurora enables the safe transport of coils weighing up to 19,000 lbs in intermodal marine containers.

Late this summer the Canadian Intellectual Property office followed the United States Patent Office and the European Patent Organization by granting CareGo a patent on its highest capacity load equalization device to date.

Named Cynthia, the pallet can safely transport steel coils weighing as much as 50,000 lbs in 20 FT marine containers via rail, road or even over the high seas.

The Cynthia pallet is a tangible and unique expression of CareGo’s dedication to supply chain innovation and a clear example of applied research in logistics helping make the metals industry more competitive.

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