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Our original plan for our T.E.L.I.A themed blog on the letter “L” was going to be on Leadership, however like many things this year plans have changed to adapt to the changing times and this is no different. We have seen many swings in the needs of our customers over the last few months and pandemic times like these provide the impetus to drive change. So where are our customers looking to change how they do business? Ultimately, we at CareGo work with customers at all points in the metals supply chain throughout the world and the centralized themes that we keep hearing are:

  • Minimize operator to operator touch points
  • Minimize paperwork and transactions
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Strengthen our supply chain

So, while a pandemic might seem like an unlikely time to launch some new products, that is exactly what we have done in the last 6 months at CareGo.

The Challenge

Most of our clients have trucks and truck drivers coming in and out all day long, there is significant interaction between the drivers and the security personnel at the truck gate, as well as with the operators in the facility. Truck drivers carry manual paperwork from location to location to confirm their appointment, their load, their truck and their trailer.

The Solution

The CareGo automated shipping kiosk works with our clients to understand their check-in process, and automatically notify operations when a truck is on site, facilitating a significant improvement in overall truck turnaround time, as minimizes the touch points amongst personnel. Ultimately ensuring that truck traffic continues to flow with minimal touch points and strengthening our metals supply chain.

To learn more about the CareGo Shipping Kiosk please go to

The Challenge

Many metals processors, distributors and storage facilities handle a significant amount of metal but their facilities do not lend themselves to a fully-automated environment. However, they still have a need to track inventory, optimize the flow through their facility, have complete visibility to the shop-floor in terms of the inventory, the operators, the material handling resources, the jobs etc. Today these operations involve a lot of manual interaction between scheduling functions and operators, manual updates to inventory or ERP systems as well as a lot of hunting for material.

The Solution

TELIA Handheld offers all the benefits of a TELIA controlled environment within a manual operated environment. Jobs are sent to TELIA from your truck scheduling or process scheduling systems, they are prioritized according to your business rules in our Facility Management System and instead of being dispatched to a controls system they are dispatched to your operator via a handheld device. The same tracking system which we use within an automated environment is used within the manual environment to ensure each coil or material is tracked and ultimately that the right product is in the right place at the right time all while minimizing manual interactions between various operators, schedulers and data input.

To learn more about TELIA Handheld please go to

About CareGo

CareGo uses its patented material handing technology to change the world of logistics and supply chain management in the metals and heavy goods sectors all around the globe, continuing to help usher companies into the technological world of tomorrow.

By utilizing CareGo’s TELIA Software, Companies can utilize a full state of the art suite of supply chain management application software that uses dynamic decision-making algorithms. By creating these solution services CareGo is changing the way our clients store, handle and ship their raw materials, work in process as well as their finished goods.

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